Dispute resolution
Legal support in civil, commercial and administrative courts, appeal of claims.

PROPERTY Law Firm provides dispute resolution services of various types and complexity. Leading lawyers of the firm provide effective representation of clients at all stages of the dispute settlement process – from mediation to litigation and the stage of execution of court decisions. We represent the interests of our clients in local general courts, commercial courts, administrative courts of all instances.

Lawyers and litigation practitioners have gained extensive practical experience in disputes arising from land relations, investment in construction and real estate operations, non-performance of contractual obligations in the field of taxation.

A flexible and individual approach to our clients on a case-by-case basis allows us to model the further development of the dispute and to offer the best way to resolve it.

Basic practice services

  • dispute resolution consulting;
  • due diligence (legal audit) of the dispute;
  • participation in negotiations, mediation and pre-trial settlement;
  • administrative appeal;
  • representation in local general courts, commercial courts, administrative courts of all instances;
  • bankruptcy support;
  • arrest withdrawal in the criminal or other proceeedings;
  • enforcement proceedings support.
Managing Partner Lawyer
Rushchak Vasyl
Leading expert in the field of dispute resolution in various fields. Specializes in land law, construction and real estate, as well as corporate law.
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